Deadline: NATHPO 22nd Annual Conference Presenter Proposal Submission

Friday, December 17, 2021


Please return form (here) at your earliest convenience and no later than December 17, 2021

NATHPO invites you to share your knowledge and experiences in tribal historic and cultural preservation. Presenting your work in this forum is a great way to reach others who work in similar topics, get feedback and encouragement, and build partnerships to support and continue your work.

This year’s theme is “Unity and Healing.” When we speak with united voices, we are powerful; when lands, languages, practices, and ancestors are restored, we heal. When some of us are not whole, none of us are whole. This is also a historic moment of opportunity for elevating Native voices at the highest level. We must use this time to enact lasting transformational change for tribal historic preservation. 

We will be resuming pre-conference workshops and post-conference “field trips” in modified form and will retain the two 6-hour days of regular virtual conference programming that you experienced in 2021. This is still reduced from the usual three full days of in-person NATHPO conference programming and imposes a time constraint on the number of presentations. 

We appreciate your interest in presenting information at the 22nd National Tribal Preservation Conference. Please understand that we cannot guarantee that you or your organization will be chosen as a presenter. Presenters will be selected dependent upon available time, conference theme, and material content. The Board of Directors may help select proposals as needed. 

As always, sessions and presentations on all relevant topics are welcome. We encourage you to think about how your proposed topic is related to the conference theme, and we especially welcome presentations related to the following: 

• Interrelationships of historic and cultural preservation with Tribal health; 

• Tribal role in land management and environmental stewardship; 

• Role of traditional knowledge in climate adaptation; 

• Tribal impacts of Covid – recovery and moving forward; 

• Language preservation and revitalization; 

• Role of historic preservation in healing generational trauma, including related to boarding schools.


Free to submit a proposal

Friday, December 17, 2021

Please return form (here) at your earliest convenience and no later than December 17, 2021.

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